What is The Aircraft's True Value?

Two aircraft, side by side, can appear to be identical. However, when considering maintenance history and status, damage history, cycle, calendar, hourly limited components and incomplete or missing maintenance records, there can be as much as a 60% difference in value. This could be an "eye opening" experience for the buyer and the lender. With over 25 years experience in determining aircraft values, ThomasJets Aircraft Appraisal will provide invaluable assistance.

With the information ThomasJets will provide, a potentially unpleasant transaction can be turned into a sound business decision.

The Inspection
ThomasJets will travel to your location for an “on-site” aircraft inspection. The inspection will include:

   Aircraft exterior examination
   Aircraft interior examination
   Thorough avionic inventory
   Instrumentation inspection
   Careful logbook and record review

The Report
Within a few days, an 8-10 page computer analysis will be generated containing the following information:

   Aircraft description with airframe hours, landings and cycles
   Maintenance history and status
   Airframe and engine modifications
   Engine hours
   Engine cycles
   Propeller hours
   Damage history
   Detailed avionic inventory
   Condition of de-ice or anti-ice systems
   Detailed appraisal computation
   Certificate of appraisal
Who Needs an Aircraft Appraisal?

The Lender

   Protects collateral position
   Provides “value” evidence for FDIC


The Seller

   Supports asking price
   Provides persuasive independent evidence of the aircraft’s condition
   Assists prospective purchasers in obtaining financing and insurance

The Purchaser

   Provides accurate, independent, third party opinion of aircraft value and condition
   Helps obtain financing and insurance

The Owner

   Provides asset’s current market value
   Allows future planning for aircraft’s sale or trade

Paul A. Thomas
Certified Senior Aircraft Appraiser
USPAP Endorsed
Member: National Aircraft Appraisers Association